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Apply For B211A Visa Indonesia to enter Indonesia During Covid 19 Pandemic

Apply B211A Visa Indonesia to enter Indonesia! As we all know, entering Indonesia During Covid 19 Pandemic has been a difficult for many families, businesses owners and individuals with an invested interest in visiting Indonesia.

Isn’t possible to enter Indonesia using conventional visas, but now it is possible using a B211A Offshore Visa as long as it is sponsored by a company.

Exemptions are now being made for specific reasons, which include:
  • Business or investment purposes
  • Tourism Purpose
  • Family reunions
About the B211A Offshore Visa

The Single Entry B211A Ofshore Visa this e-VISA Allows you to stay up to 60 days, If you plan to stay more than 60 days this visa can be extended 2 Times. Each extension with 60 days

As your Indonesian business sponsor, we will apply for your visa at

in Order To Apply for a Single Entry  B211A offshore Visa  & Travel to Indonesia During Covid – 19:  

VACCINATION CERTIFICATE – A vaccination certificate that demonstrates that you have completed your vaccination process.
SIGNED STATEMENT LETTER TO COMPLY WITH HEALTH PROTOCOL OF INDONESIA – Bali Visa Agency will prepare the draft for you to sign.
FORMAL PHOTO – A formal passport-style photo.
SCAN OF PASSPORT – Scan of passport details page & passport cover,  Passport with a minimum 7 months validity from date of entry
Submit all the required documents to Bali Visa Agency – Bali Visas Agency will process your visa application.
Pay the visa fee by Online – The visa fees can be paid using the Transfer Wise and Western Union our accounting send you the invoice and proof we has been apply your visa
Visa is issued and you have 90 days to enter Indonesia – Make sure to enter before the visa expires.
Stay in Indonesia – Stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days.
Optional: extend your visa – If you’d like to stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days, you can extend your visa without leaving the country. Contact Us at least 2 weeks in advance.

Up to 6 Business days and does not include weekend, public holiday and closures by Immigration of Indonesia
2.800.000 IDR/ 60 DAYS
  • Company or Social foundation Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship
  • Visa Approval 60 Days
  • Immigration Fee & Taxes

To find out more about the Single Entry Visa, click here!

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