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All you need to know about Visa on Arrival (VoA & eVoA) & 60days Visit Visa 
Online Application Service for 60 days B211A For Tourism / Business & D212 Multiple Entry Visit Visas
Please read carefully what Visa Regulation applies to your nationality (your passport). If you stay less than 30 days then for 90+ nationalities a simple Visa on Arrival is sufficient, that you can get online
1. No Visa needed for ASEAN Countries & Timor Leste 
  • stay less than 30 days
  • for more than 30 days you need Visa on Arrival or B211A Visa.
  • for tourism purpose only
  • maximum 30 days
  • not extendable, you need to leave the country within 30 days
  • valid passport (not residency!)
Visa Exemption for Bali & Indonesia
Following nationalities DO NOT NEED A VISA (VISA-FREE entry )
2. Visa on Arrival (VoA)

90+ nationalities can get a Visa on Arrival at the airport in the arrival hall. You can now also purchase the VoA ONLINE (e-Voa)

Visa on Arrival for Bali & Indonesia
Following nationalities can obtain a Visa on Arrival, VoA
2Andorra22East Timor42Laos62Philippines82Taiwan
8Belgium28Germany48Malaysia68San Marino88UK
9Bosnia Herzegovina29Greece49Maldives69Saudi Arabia89Ukraine
10Brazil30Guatemala50Malta70Serbia90USA – America
11Brunei31Hong Kong51Mexico71Seychelles91Uzbekistan
15Chille35Ireland55Netherlands75South Africa  
16China36Italy56New Zealand76South Korea  
20Czech Republic40Kenia60Panama80Sweden  
3. Visit Visa B211A – suitable also for digital nomads
  • If you are not a national of an ASEAN country
  • If you nationality is not listed for Visa on Arrival
  • if you intend to stay longer than 60 days

…then you need to apply for the B211A Visit Visa BEFORE arriving in Indonesia.

4. Overview – Visa Requirements per country / nationality
Visa Requirements for Bali & Indonesia per Country / Nationality
What Visa do I need when traveling to Bali?




Afghanistan – Calling Visa

Albania – Visa on Arrival

Algeria – B211A Visit Visa

Andorra  – Visa on Arrival

Angola – B211A Visit Visa

Antigua and B – B211A Visit Visa

Argentina – Visa on Arrival

Armenia – B211A Visit Visa

Australia – Visa on Arrival

Austria – Visa on Arrival

Azerbaijan – B211A Visit Visa


Bahamas – B211A Visit Visa

Bahrain – Visa on Arrival

Bangladesh – B211A Visit Visa

Barbados – B211A Visit Visa

Belarus – Visa on Arrival

Belgium – Visa on Arrival

Belize – B211A Visit Visa

Benin – B211A Visit Visa

Bhutan – B211A Visit Visa

Bolivia – B211A Visit Visa

Bosnia Herzegovina – Visa on Arrival

Botswana – B211A Visit Visa

Brazil – Visa on Arrival

Brunei – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Bulgaria – Visa on Arrival

Burkina Faso – B211A Visit Visa

Burundi – B211A Visit Visa


Cabo Verde – B211A Visit Visa

Cambodia  – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Cameroon – Calling Visa

Canada – Visa on Arrival

Cayman Island – B211A Visit Visa

Central African Republic – B211A Visit Visa

Chad – B211A Visit Visa

Chile – Visa on Arrival

China – Visa on Arrival

Colombia – Visa on Arrival

Comoros – B211A Visit Visa

Congo, Democratic Republic of the – B211A Visit Visa

Congo, Republic of the – B211A Visit Visa

Costa Rica – B211A Visit Visa

Cote d’Ivoire / Ivory Coast – B211A Visit Visa

Croatia – Visa on Arrival

Cuba – B211A Visit Visa

Cyprus – Visa on Arrival

Czech Republic – Visa on Arrival


Denmark – Visa on Arrival

Djibouti – B211A Visit Visa

Dominica – B211A Visit Visa

Dominican Republic – B211A Visit Visa


Ecuador – Visa on Arrival

Egypt – Visa on Arrival

El Salvador – B211A Visit Visa

Equatorial Guinea – B211A Visit Visa

Eritrea – B211A Visit Visa

Estonia– Visa on Arrival

Eswatini – B211A Visit Visa

Ethiopia – B211A Visit Visa


Fiji – B211A Visit Visa

Finland – Visa on Arrival

France – Visa on Arrival


Gabon – B211A Visit Visa

Gambia – B211A Visit Visa

Georgia – B211A Visit Visa

Germany – Visa on Arrival

Ghana – B211A Visit Visa

Greece– Visa on Arrival

Grenada – B211A Visit Visa

Guatemala – Visa on Arrival

Guinea – Calling Visa

Guinea-Bissau – B211A Visit Visa

Guyana – B211A Visit Visa


Haiti B211A Visit Visa

Honduras – B211A Visit Visa

Hong Kong – Visa on Arrival

Hungary – Visa on Arrival




Iceland – Visa on Arrival

India – Visa on Arrival

Indonesia – domestic traveller

Iran – B211A Visit Visa

Iraq – B211A Visit Visa

Ireland – Visa on Arrival

Israel – Calling Visa


Jamaica – B211A Visit Visa

Japan – Visa on Arrival

Jordan – Visa on Arrival


Kazakhstan – Visa on Arrival

Kenya – Visa on Arrival

Kiribati – B211A Visit Visa

Kosovo – no Visa available at the moment

Kuwait – Visa on Arrival

Kyrgyzstan – B211A Visit Visa


Laos – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Latvia – Visa on Arrival

Lebanon – B211A Visit Visa

Lesotho – B211A Visit Visa

Liberia – Calling Visa

Libya – B211A Visit Visa

Liechtenstein – Visa on Arrival

Lithuania – Visa on Arrival

Luxembourg – Visa on Arrival


Macau – Visa on Arrival

Madagascar – B211A Visit Visa

Malawi – B211A Visit Visa

Malaysia – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Maldives – Visa on Arrival

Mali – B211A Visit Visa

Malta – Visa on Arrival

Marshall Islands – B211A Visit Visa

Mauritania – B211A Visit Visa

Mauritius – B211A Visit Visa

Mexico – Visa on Arrival

Micronesia – B211A Visit Visa

Moldova – B211A Visit Visa

Monaco – Visa on Arrival

Mongolia – B211A Visit Visa

Montenegro – B211A Visit Visa

Morocco – Visa on Arrival

Mozambique – B211A Visit Visa

Myanmar – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival


Namibia – B211A Visit Visa

Nauru – B211A Visit Visa

Nepal – B211A Visit Visa

Netherlands – Visa on Arrival

New Zealand – Visa on Arrival

Nicaragua – B211A Visit Visa

Niger – Calling Visa

Nigeria – Calling Visa

North Korea – Calling Visa

North Macedonia – B211A Visit Visa

Norway – Visa on Arrival


Oman – Visa on Arrival


Pakistan – B211A Visit Visa

Palau – B211A Visit Visa

Palestine – Visa on Arrival

Panama – Visa on Arrival

Papua New Guinea – B211A Visit Visa

Paraguay – B211A Visit Visa

Peru– Visa on Arrival

Philippines – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Poland – Visa on Arrival

Portugal – Visa on Arrival


Qatar – Visa on Arrival


Romania – Visa on Arrival

Russia  – Visa on Arrival

Rwanda – Visa on Arrival




Saint Kitts and Nevis – B211A Visit Visa

Saint Lucia – B211A Visit Visa

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – B211A Visit Visa

Samoa – B211A Visit Visa

San Marino – Visa on Arrival

Sao Tome and Principe – B211A Visit Visa

Saudi Arabia – Visa on Arrival

Senegal – B211A Visit Visa

Serbia – Visa on Arrival

Seychelles – Visa on Arrival

Sierra Leone – B211A Visit Visa

Singapore – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Slovakia– Visa on Arrival

Slovenia– Visa on Arrival

Solomon Islands – B211A Visit Visa

Somalia – Calling Visa

South Africa– Visa on Arrival

South Korea – Visa on Arrival

South Sudan – B211A Visit Visa

Spain – Visa on Arrival

Sri Lanka – B211A Visit Visa

Sudan – B211A Visit Visa

Suriname – Visa on Arrival

Sweden – Visa on Arrival

Switzerland – Visa on Arrival

Syria – Calling Visa


Taiwan – Visa on Arrival

Tajikistan – B211A Visit Visa

Tanzania – B211A Visit Visa

Thailand – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Timor-Leste – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival

Togo – B211A Visit Visa

Tonga – B211A Visit Visa

Trinidad and Tobago – B211A Visit Visa

Tunisia – Visa on Arrival

Turkey – Visa on Arrival

Turkmenistan – B211A Visit Visa

Tuvalu – B211A Visit Visa


Uganda – B211A Visit Visa

Ukraine – Visa on Arrival

United Arab Emirates – UAE  – Visa on Arrival

United Kingdom – UK – Visa on Arrival

United States of America – USA – Visa on Arrival

Uruguay – B211A Visit Visa

Uzbekistan – Visa on Arrival


Vanuatu – B211A Visit Visa

Vatican City – Visa on Arrival

Venezuela – B211A Visit Visa

Vietnam – Visa Exemption & Visa on Arrival


Yemen – B211A Visit Visa


Zambia – B211A Visit Visa

Zimbabwe  – B211A Visit Visa

Visa on Arrival Extension FAQ

1. NEW for e-VoA Holder: Apply online via the Immigration Website

If you purchased your electronic Visa on Arrival via the immigration website, then you can now apply for an extension by using your login that you created when you applied for the e-VoA. (don’t use any other website!)

Immigration website for VoA Extension

Extending a e-VoA does NOT require you to come to the immigration office. The process is 100% online.

(Make sure you are on the official Immigration website and not on a scammer website!)

2. Apply with The extension with us

If you received a physical Visa on Arrival when you arrived and you wish to extend, you have to come to the Immigration Offcie for Biometric.

You can arrange the extension on your own, for that you have to go 3 times to the immigration office (most use the office located between Jimbaran and Nusa Dua):
1. submit application & passport and pay
2. then come another time for fingerprint and photo
3. once processed you can collect the passport a few days later.

Make sure you start the Visa application process AT LEAST 2 weeks before you run out. The earlier, the better.

When entering Indonesia with no prearranged Visa, there are 2 options when you arrive at the airport. One option is the free 30-day Visa on Arrival (non-extendable), the other is the paid 30-day Visa on Arrival (extendable). If you have selected the paid Visa on Arrival ($37 USD) you can extend it; one time, for an additional 30 days. You will need to start extending your visa 7 working days prior to the expiration date, which involves going to the immigration office in person. Please note that when attending the visa office, you must dress formally as to respect the culture. It is not uncommon for the immigration office to deny entrance based on clothing (or lack thereof).

Trips to the immigration office, can be time consuming and you may be required to do this over 3 trips. 1. To fill in forms (Please remember to bring a pen with black ink) 2. To pay for the visa, take photos and provide fingerprints 3. To pick up the passport. To make your life simpler Bali Visas Agency can process this for you, eliminating the need to go to the Visa office 3 times. By using our service, you will only be required to go one time for photos and finger prints where you will be met by one of our colleagues who will be available on hand to help speed up the process.


Up to 12 Business days and does not include weekend, public holiday and closures by Immigration of Indonesia
1.000.000 IDR
  • Process 1. Your passport will be submitted to Immigration on the next business day after we receive it from you
  • Process 2. You will be invited for fingerprints in 6-7 business days. We will inform you one day in advance via WhatsApp and send detailed instruction
  • Process 3. You need to visit Immigration for fingerprints to the day appointed.
  • Process 4. Your passport will be ready in 5-6 business days after fingerprints. You will get the confirmation from our managers. You can pick up your passport or keep it in our office until the next extension.


Up to 4 Business days and does not include weekend, public holiday and closures by Immigration of Indonesia
  •  Preparation day. Your passport will be submitted to Immigration on the next business day after we receive it from you
  • Day 1: We submit documents for the extension to the Immigration Office
  • Day 2: You visit Immigration for fingerprinting.
  • Day 3: Your passport is ready around 5-6pm. We will send you a confirmation via WhatsApp or email. You can pick up the passport from our office or our courier will deliver it the next business day.

FAQ B211A Visit Visa for Bali / Indonesia

You need a B211A Visit Visa ONLY if
  • your country is NOT on the list of visa-free & VoA countries
  • or, you intend to stay longer than 60 days, because only  B211A Visas can be extended beyond 60 days
It’s easier to list the nationalities that can NOT apply at the moment:

But, due to pre-existing travel restrictions, nationals from following countries CAN NOT (at the moment) apply for visit e-visas for Indonesia, but have to contact directly their embassy outside of Indonesia:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Guinea
  4. Israel
  5. Kamerun
  6. Kosovo (not recognised)
  7. Liberia
  8. Nigeria
  9. North Korea
  10. Somalia

NO. The immigration regulations are always based on the passport that you are holding (nationality). Residency permits of other countries are not considered. 

B211A Visit Visa
  • valid for 60 days
  • Day of arrival and day of departure count as full days
  • Can be extended twice, each time 60 days, gives you a total of 180 days.
  • Each extension needs to be processed via the agent or facilitator that provided the guarantor letter
  • If you wish to stay even longer than 180 days you can apply for an onshore visa (applying while in Indonesia) before your initial B211A runs out.
  • Travellers who extend any Visa need to appear in person at the immigration office to take photo and fingerprints for first extension.

No. This Visa is a “Single Entry Visa” only.

A 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa is now Available (Info and Application Service)

TourismTourism purposesForeign nationals can visit places for recreational and personal development or learn about the uniqueness of cultures and tourist attractions. The visa also includes visitors using a yacht.yacht).
SocialFamily emergencyVisiting or accompanying a sick or deceased father, mother, husband, wife, or sibling.
Humanitarian aidDeliveringhumanitarian assistance,medical support, or food
Business (apply here separately)Business talks and meetingsDiscuss, negotiate, or sign business contracts but not supervise production activities to producers/sellers as a regular activity
Government official visitsVisiting a place or carrying out a duty as a government official
Government official visits for specific eventsVisiting a place or carrying out a duty as a government official for Indonesia’s presidency in the G20 , the 144th International Session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) , or the 2022 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GDPRR)
MeetingsParticipate in meetings held by the head office or representative office in Indonesia.
Purchasing goodsPurchasing goods but not supervising production activities to producers/sellers as a regular activity.
TransitTransitContinue the journey or transit to another country by undergoing the immigration check at the Immigration Border Control.
Join a means of transportation (join vessel).Join a vessel/means of transportation currently in Indonesia’s territory to continue the journey to another country.
Sport activitiesNon-commercial sports activitiesParticipate in sports activities at the invitation of the Indonesian government, international sports championships, or sports activities organized by international sports organizations.

Even though the Business Visa Type B211A visa covers business purposes, it’s NOT A WORK PERMIT and does not entitle you to take up any paid job or employment in Indonesia. It does also not entitle you to do any commercial activities or events. This is very strictly handled. if you want Bali Visas Agency to facilitate your Business Visa please click here.

You can however meet people to discuss business opportunities, do networking, explore investment opportunities, sourcing products and work remotely (digital nomad) as long as you don’t make money in Indonesia and with clients in Indonesia.

To be honest, we don’t know. At this point we have not heard of any plans to do so. This does not mean, that the Indonesian government is not planning to add more countries. But for now, we cannot predict when and which countries would be added. We understand that the Visa costs are substantial. Bali, more than any other region in Indonesia hopes, that all restrictions will be lifted soon, and we can all freely travel again.

1. You can apply online with us  and we will facilitate the process 

  • No guarantor letter needed
  • no bank statement needed
  • can be extended twice, 60days each (extra cost)
  • document verification

Reliable, efficient, and 100% online! Details, Prices & Requirements

2. 90+ nationalities (list) can apply for this visa online via the immigration online application website. Also here, you need a Letter from a guarantor declaring responsibility for your stay in Indonesia. And Financial proof for funding your stay in Indonesia of at least USD 2000. (Price is IDR 1,500,000 – 2,000,000. we are uncertain at this point how long the process takes, and how a visa issued directly could be extended).

3. You can approach the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in your country. You usually need a Letter from a guarantor declaring responsibility for your stay in Indonesia. And Financial proof for funding your stay in Indonesia of at least USD 2000.


Offshore means, you are applying for a visa while you are still OUTSIDE of Indonesia. Online Application Offshore

Onshore means, you are applying for a Visa while you are already INSIDE of Indonesia. The onshore B211A Visa is also valid for 60 days and can be extended twice, for 60 days each

Please note: Getting an Onshore AFTER an Offshore Visa is not the same as getting an extension. It is a brand new Visa, which can itself also be extended twice. Onshore Visa is not available if you have arrived on a Visa on Arrival.

YES. This visa is forIndonesia and not just a region or specific island. Therefore any type of Visa (Visa on Arrival or B211A) is valid for Indonesia and you can travel within Indonesia freely .

From the day the Visa is issued, you have 90 days to enter into Indonesia. If you arrive later, the Visa won’t be valid anymore.

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