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Business Visa to Bali

It is now possible to apply Business Visa to Bali during Covid 19 . This means you can now get an Business Visa OFFSHORE  (B211A) online without needing a telex or to visit the  Indonesian Embassy in your country.

B211A Single entry Business Visa for Humanitarian activities, Volunteering, Family reunion, Business or Investment visit

As your Indonesian business sponsor, we will apply for your visa at This e-VISA Allow you to stay up to 60 days. If you want to stay more then 60 days, you can extend this visa a maximum of 4 times. Each extension is 30 days.

To enter Bali during Covid 19, you will need to select an exemption from the following list:

  • Business or Investment visit
  • Humanitarian activities
  • Volunteering Activities
  • Family reunion

For most people, ‘Business or Investment Visit’ will be suitable.

To apply for Business Visa to Bali During Covid-19 we need:

  • Photo of the main page of the passport
  • Colour Photo (Passport size)
  • Certificate of full vaccination
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visitor Statement (draft from us)
For 7 business days service, our fee is IDR 3.700.000
For express 2-3 business days service, our fee is IDR 4.700.000

When you fly Enter Bali During Covid-19

  1. A declaration letter in English consenting to a mandatory self-isolation/undertaking treatment at an accommodation or designated health facility by the Indonesian Government, at your own expense, when a PCR check upon arrival by the health authority at ports of entry results in a positive for COVID-19 OR with symptoms in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations.
  2. A consent letter to be monitored during the quarantine or self-isolation in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations
  3. Health insurance or travel insurance covering medical expenses, and/or a declaration letter of medical treatment at own expenses, if contracted with the Covid-19 during your stay in Indonesia.
  4. Evidence it had received doses of the vaccine Covid 19 completely


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