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News Update 19:30 6th July 2021

Earlier this morning we announced new changes regarding New Requirements for visa applications in Indonesia, this evening the immigration authorities finally made the announcement via their social media channels Facebook.

The new announcement advises that offshore visa applications will need to provide extra requirements for visa applications, these are :

1. Negative Covid 19 reverse transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) result that are still valuable and can be checked through QR code

2. Proof of receiving the complete dosage Covid 19 Vaccine

3. Statement letter in English willing to be quarantine for 8 days

Below is the official announcement posts from the Indonesian Immigration Instagram:

These changes are made for a number of reasons, primarily because of the spike in Covid cases in Indonesia and the need to curve the situation. Additionally, during this pandemic dodgy visa agencies have been selling visas without requesting the documentation required by Indonesian Immigration Authorities, faking documents such as Covid tests.

Bali Visas Agency  is proud to be the only ethical agency in the country that has requested complete documentation from our visa customers ensuring their safety, as well as that of Indonesia.

If your need to travel to Indonesia is not urgent then we advise you to not apply for any visa at this time. If you do need to visit Indonesia, please note rules, requirement and regulations can change at a moments notice..”

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